SEIU has partnered with Southern New Hampshire University – a non-profit, fully accredited college – to offer flexible AA and BA degree programs through College for America, a program built specifically to help working adults successfully earn degrees. This unique collaboration makes higher education truly accessible and more affordable for SEIU members!

College for America’s flexibility is structured for working students with family and other responsibilities, like SEIU members. Students demonstrate knowledge and skills through completing projects, and can pace themselves as quickly or slowly as they would like. There are no pre-set times to be in class or books to buy; all materials are available in the online modules for students and each student is assigned an advisor who supports them in moving through the College for America program.

More than 50 SEIU members have enrolled since March 2016 to earn an AA or a BA degree through College for America and SEIU’s partnership. The cost of tuition is $3,000 per year with no additional fees, and most students can access federal student aid and financing to cover most if not all costs. Most students at College for America expect to graduate with zero debt. College for America offers degrees in several subjects, including Communications, Healthcare, Management and General Studies.


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