What is the SEIU National Training Center?

child-careLaunched in 2017, the SEIU National Training Center represents a multi-faceted, comprehensive effort to strengthen the early care and education workforce. It is a community of early educators, state-based partners and local unions that are coming together to evaluate programs and share best practices. The national training center promotes an educator-centered approach where the voices, experiences, and knowledge will drive program development and ensure long-term sustainability.

Furthermore, early educators from all experience levels will have a chance to collaborate and learn from each other. No longer isolated in pockets around the country, the national infrastructure of the Training Center will bring together SEIU early educators from across the country to eliminate inefficiencies and reduce redundancies and allow for replication of promising practices and innovation.

Read more about our grant from the Kellogg Foundation that will help make this work possible.

What is the mission of the SEIU National Training Center?

SEIUOur mission is to support the professional development of early childhood educators around the country by recognizing the unique demographic challenges faced by the people in this profession as well as identifying the most effective early care/education trainings to improve equity, foster a highly qualified workforce, and ensure all children have access to high-quality early learning environments during their most critical developmental years.

Quality early childhood education begins and ends with the early educators themselves and they deserve compensation and benefits that reflects that value of their work. We will advocate for and support mechanisms and policies that support a diverse and stable workforce.

Who should I contact for more information?

Kursten Holabird

Who are the partner groups and local affiliates?